My name is Simon and this portfolio is all my fault.
Wait! I can explain...
So, back in 2008 I founded an artistic collective called PLASTIK. Over the years I’ve transformed it from my extracurricular sandbox, where I could scratch creative itches and develop experimental ways of storytelling, into my creative shopfront, allowing me to earn a living from my client work, while still tinkering with my passion projects.
The type of work I do varies wildly, encompassing both digital and real-world creative, helping my clients become more integrated in their strategy. Working with partners like BMW, Google and BBC Worldwide, I’ve handled everything from creating breath-taking large-scale animation installations to conceiving of and designing elegant brand identity systems. I’ve developed a reputation for being obsessive when it comes to detail and making my work look like it had ten times the budget.
My projects have taken me to all kinds of weird and wonderful places. I’ve shot a music video with Right Said Fred in a garden shed, made miniature mountain ranges out of sand in the Saudi desert and visited more conventionally glamorous locations like California, Paris and Spain (not as fun as the shed though).
In short, I'm your reliable one-stop creative shop, specialising in helping you ideate, and then directing and executing the creative process right through to delivery. I love the challenge of getting to the core of your need and then finding the perfect creative proposition. From a rough initial sketch to a powerful final product.

What I Do
Cross-Channel Executions
Brand Creation
Video Production
Motion graphics
Integrated Campaigns
Concept Ideation
Creative Direction
Film Direction
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